Here will be available all Alex-Musicman's videos, which can to be seen here in the blog, and also can to be seen on YouTube, in the Alex7alpha channel. Who have interest to follow the videos, please, subscribe in the channel, and rate the videos, and then you are helping the author from this blog, making the videos more popular.

Own works:

Intrumental Demo Project [01:29]
Intrumental Demo Project II [02:34]
Demo Arpeggios [01:04]
Improvisation 1 in C [04:35]
Improvisation 1 in G#m [01:39]
KORG AX3000G Demo: Testing Cleans [15:00]
KORG AX3000G Demo II: Testing Drives [14:17]
Conc. In G# Minor [2:42]
Merry Christmas [05:16]

Chega de Saudade (Tom Jobin) [02:33]
The Count of Tuskany (Dream Theater) [01:09]
Hourglass (Liquid Tension Experiment II) [04:12]
Dream Theater's Medley [09:07]
Suite No 3 in D Mayor [Air] (J. S. Bach) [05:27]
Conc. No 5 in F minor (J. S. Bach) [03:23]
Alex-Musicman Playing Through My Words with a mobile phone (Dream Theater) [01:42]

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