Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Alex-Musicman - Melody in Cm

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Updating new videos list

Hello people, I'm sorry to had abandoned the blog. I'll provide now all the recent video links which came after The Count of Tuscany. I'll be also placing new pics in the Media page.

Alex-Musicman - Improvisation 1 in C [04:35] 

Improvisation 1 in G#m [01:39]

Alex-Musicman - KORG AX3000G Demo: Testing Cleans [15:00]

Alex-Musicman - KORG AX3000G Demo II: Testing Drives [14:17]

Alex-Musicman - Hourglass [04:12]

Alex-Musicman - Dream Theater's Medley [09:07]

Alex-Musicman - Conc. In G# Minor [2:42]

Alex-Musicman - Suite No 3 in D Mayor [Air] (J. S. Bach) [05:27]

Alex-Musicman - Conc. No 5 in F minor [03:23]

Alex-Musicman - Merry Christmas [05:16]

Alex-Musicman Playing Through My Words with a mobile phone [01:42]

I'll provide detailed informations about the videos soon.
Please, rate these videos in the YouTube, comment it, and if possible, publish them! This will help to promote my videos, and if you like, subscribe in my channel. I hope you enjoy. Hugs!