Alex Sacramento, also known as Alex-Musicman, a young 22-year-old was born with a beautiful gift that God gave him, which is the gift of music, which with about 9 years he had learned the name and tone of seven musical notes and could do two or three chords on the guitar, then after, his musical interest was standing for a long time...

At 15 he began taking the music business much more seriously, ...some basic things he learned from his brother and a colleague. At first he took music very moved by reading a lot Cadorna media figures, tabs, etc..., after about 6 months now take instrumental music with a different level, like Angra and Dream Theater after a while..

After one year he went to church and began using his gift of praise to his position as a guitarist, and he could play both guitar and guitar, but played the guitar due to its role in the group.

After a few months he began to compose some instrumental projects, some that are not yet complete, missing letters and / or solo..

At 17, he formed his first band, whose name was called Genesis, which lasted about 2 years .. was also the band he was the official guitarist. At 19, he took his new band, called Alpha-7, which lasted 1 year.. also with the position of a guitarist. After that, many other events were more freelancers.. That same year, 2007, he has composed an instrumental demo, which was posted on YouTube in 2008..

Near the end of that year he gave more to start an instrumental project, which is still under development, but with only implement the guitar.. it is still halted due to lack of time and resources for the same.. but if God willing, will be complete as soon, and will also be released on youtube too..

In 2009, a demo of this project was released on YouTube, and also covers some recordings..

Currently, he is working with the band, playing only in the church worship team, your projects are stalled due to lack of resources, but God willing, this is going forward..

We must never give up, although many things are happening in life to try to stop you, and should always continue to fight for what is yours.

This link will be updated far as possible when there is news!


"The world wouldn't had feel, if the world hadn't music!"

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